Dance Of The Apocalypse by Gordon Eklund (Laser 46 – 1976)

Laser 46

Laser 46

Some people – the tough ones – survive among the ruins and rubble of the cities. Michael is a scrounger. It is a harsh existence, but at least he is a free man. Outside the city, he would, as likely as not, be a slave. Bill Stoner isn’t tough at all. Without Michael’s protection, Bill couldn’t survive a week. But Bill Stoner is a man of vision and imagination; and with Michael at his side, he can lead America to civilization.

A paperback original first edition.

Title: Dance Of The Apocalypse
Author: Gordon Eklund
Imprint & Number: Laser 46
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 1976
Cover artist: Kelly Freas
ISBN: 0-373-72046-7

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