Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming (1968)

Signet T3705/Starline TK1389, 1st printing

Signet T3705/Starline TK1389, 1st printing

Movie edition published in conjunction with the 1968 film, with Dick Van Dyke cover. Interior illustrations by John Burningham.

This edition was published by Scholastic under their Starline imprint and distributed by Signet. It includes Signet numbering on the front and Scholastic numbering on the rear. A short article regarding this edition can be found here here.

Title: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Author: Ian Fleming
Imprint & Number: Signet T3705/Starline TK1389
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: 1968
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

While in elementary school, I recall most, if not all, books offered at the yearly book fairs were issued by Scholastic. The only book I specifically remember buying, simply because I never got rid of it, was a paperback edition of Creepy magazine reprints with a cool Frazetta cover pitting the Wolfman versus Dracula (Creepy #7 if my powers of recollection haven’t failed me). I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 and the cover and interior art blew me away. The book sat in a box with a bunch of other things I refused to get rid of until I was old enough to realize the value real collectors place on them. Digging it out, I discovered, to my disappointment, that it was a Scholastic/Tempo edition rather than a just a Tempo edition. I suppose I considered an “adult” publisher to be of more value for some reason. I’ve seen lots of Tempo editions since but no other Scholastic/Tempo editions…

Guess I should’ve held on to it…

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