Brandyjack #2: Rebels Of Merka by Augustine Funnell (Laser 48 – 1976)

Laser 48

Laser 48

For two seasons he lived in the settlement; and for a man like Brandyjack it is time to move on. If it weren’t for his woman, Lotus, he would have been gone long ago. Now the big man must set out for the city to find old friends and new adventures. With his knack for finding trouble, it isn’t long before he runs afoul of the law and unexpectedly fins himself in an excellent position to topple the government.

2nd Brandyjack novel by Funnell. A paperback original first edition.

Title: Rebels Of Merka
Author: Augustine Funnell
Imprint & Number: Laser 48
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 1976
Cover artist: Kelly Freas
ISBN: 0-373-72048-3

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