A Jungle Of Stars by Jack L Chalker (Ballantine 25457 – 1976)

Ballantine 25457, 1st printing

Ballantine 25457, 1st printing

Aruman Vard had to get off-planet fast. The end of the most incredible space war ever was at hand… and he wanted to be on the winning side!

Paul Carlton Savage died on July 20, 1969, in Vietnam — but that was only the start of his troubles! Approached by a mysterious entity called The Hunter, Savage was offered immortality in exchange for his services in The Hunter’s continuing war against The Bromgrev. Suddenly, Savage found himself pitted against an enemy he had never seen, an enemy who could be anyone, anywhere, at any time . . . an enemy determined to destroy him and all who got in his way. And in this raging intergalactic war between Good and Evil, Savage discovered that he couldn’t be sure whose side he was on . . . .

American science fiction author Jack L. Chalke...

American science fiction author Jack L. Chalker (left), January 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A paperback original first edition. Author’s first novel.

Title: A Jungle Of Stars
Author: Jack L. Chalker
Imprint & Number: Ballantine 25457
Cover price: 1.50
Publication date: 1976
Cover artist: H.R. Van Dongen
ISBN: 0-345-25457-0-150

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