Rork! by Avram Davidson (Berkley F1146 – 1965)

Berkley F1146, 1st printing

Berkley F1146, 1st printing

Ran Lomar wanted only to be left alone – to get away from it all. That’s why he volunteered for duty on Pia 2, the most remote, isolated world in the Galaxy.

His assignment was simple. The problem on Pia 2 was redwing, a plant used throughout the Galaxy as a medical fixative. Redwing grew only on Pia 2 and lately, less and less was being harvested. Lomar’s job was to find out why, and do something about it.

A simple job. Or so it seemed. Tan Carlo Harb, the Station Officer, tried to warn him. But Lomar had to find out for himself about the strange inhabitants of Pia 2 – the Tocks, the Tame ones and the Wild ones, and the mysterious, legendary “rorks” that everyone feared…

A paperback original first edition.

Title: Rork!
Author: Avram Davidson
Imprint & Number: Berkley F1146
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1965
Cover artist: Hoot von Zitzewitz
ISBN: none

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