Rockets In Ursa Major by Fred & Geoffrey Hoyle (Crest T1648 – 1971)

Crest T1648, 1st printing

Crest T1648, 1st printing

It is the early twenty-first century. Man is seeking signs of life elsewhere in the universe, but all exploratory ships have been lost without a trace – except for DSP 15. Thirty years after leaving earth, and given up for lost, DSP 15 suddenly appears on radar screens at the space station at Mildenhall, England.

Her crew frozen to prevent aging, and as the ship settles to a landing, Dr. Richard Warboys eagerly waits with other scientists for word of what DSP 15 has found. But there is no crew, only a message scratched into a metal surface, signed by the captain:

“If this ship returns to earth, then mankind is in deadly peril – God help you – “

Title: Rockets In Ursa Major
Author: Fred Hoyle & Geoffrey Hoyle
Imprint & Number: Crest T1648
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: 1971
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none

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