Mortals And Monsters by Lester del Rey (Ballantine U2236 – 1965)

Ballantine U2236, 1st printing

Ballantine U2236, 1st printing

Lester Del Rey

Science fiction’s most argumentative writer. Mr del Rey is an authority on music, religion, biology, witchcraft, extra sensory perception, flying saucers and worse.

In fact, he would probably be unbearable if it were not for his sense of humor, wit and love of fallible humanity. This is what makes  him a good writer. In fact, very good indeed. Science fiction fans have long known this.

Mortals And Monsters provides a splendid opportunity for the rest of the world not to be left out…

A paperback original first edition anthology.

Title: Mortals And Monsters
Author: Lester del Rey
Imprint & Number: Ballantine U2236
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1965
Cover artist: Richard Powers
ISBN: none


  • And the Truth (variant of Dead Ringer from Galaxy Science Fiction, 11/56)
  • The Years Draw Nigh (Astounding Science Fiction, 10/51)
  • And It Comes Out Here (Galaxy Science Fiction, 2/51)
  • The Seat of Judgment (Venture Science Fiction Magazine, 7/957)
  • The Dwindling Years (Galaxy Science Fiction, 1/56)
  • No Place Like Home (Astounding Science Fiction, 8/52)
  • Lady of Space (Venture Science Fiction Magazine, 7/58)
  • Instinct (Astounding Science Fiction, 1/52)
  • Return Engagement (Galaxy Magazine, 8/61)
  • The Course of Logic (Worlds Of If, 9/63)
  • Spawning Ground (Worlds Of If, 9/61)
  • Recessional (1st publication)

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