Luck & Pluck by Glendon Swarthout (Pocket 78402 – 1974)

Pocket 78402

Pocket 78402

Can a poor but honest young man still find fortune and happiness in the big city through hard work and strength of character?

Maybe not – but if he’s walked into a $2500-a-week job in an ad agency, paid cash for a big black Cadillac, and surrounded himself with the most luscious hot tunas in L.A., he can have a helluva time trying!

Title: Luck & Pluck
Author: Glendon Swarthout
Imprint & Number: Pocket 78402
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 1974
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: none

Just an odd cover… body paint, Indian headdress… and that expression on the face of the chick on the left….

You wouldn’t know it from this title (nor from a previous title of his, Where The Boys Are) but Swarthout later wrote the novel on which the John Wayne film The Shootist is based.

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