The Nazi Hunter by Bynum Shaw (Pocket 75462 – 1969)

Pocket 75462, 1st printing

Pocket 75462, 1st printing

Paul Streik assumed identities according to locale and contract. But his occupation never changed – he was an international agent dealing in death

Tracer and executioner of high-ranking Nazis who had escaped punishment, Streik – in twenty years of ruthless hunting – had rarely missed.

He was driven by revenge – the memory of his wife and child, murdered by a Nazi officer for whom Streik was still searching.

Now he had located his quarry, his private obsession. An enemy grown fat and powerful in West Germany.

For this most sweet, most bitter kill, Paul Streik engineered his greatest triumph. But – too late – he discovered that he’d become the victim of the very evil he sought to obliterate.

Title: The Nazi Hunter
Author: Bynum Shaw
Imprint & Number: Pocket 75462
Cover price: 75¢
Publication date: September, 1969
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none


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