The Memory Bank by Wallace West (Airmont SF1 – 1962)

Airmont SF1, 1st printing

Airmont SF1, 1st printing

Catastrophe had visited earth and left it completely destroyed. But mankind had already bridged the galactic gap and on the planets of the Centaurus system and discovery of the Memory bank had brought man to the brink of immortality. The custodian of the Bank and ruler of the Centauran council was the most beautiful woman of the Centauran world, thousand year-old Marian.

Lieutenant-Commander Merek was a non-depositor. He had an intuitive feeling of the danger of the Memory bank – that it would weaken the people, leaving them easy prey to hostile civilizations. He was to meet the ravishingly beautiful Barbarian girl Iskra, who was to play a vital part in his resolve to defy the powerful Centauran culture.

Title: The Memory Bank
Author: Wallace West
Imprint & Number: Airmont SF1
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: Ralph Brillhart
ISBN: none


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