The Earth Tripper by Leo P Kelley (Gold Medal T2719 – 1973)

Gold Medal T2719, 1st printing

Gold Medal T2719, 1st printing

What would you do….

If you saw a man let all the animals out of Central Park Zoo?

Or if you saw the same man take all his clothes off and give them to a street derelict?

And what would you do if this man told you his name was Tock Von and he was from the Planet Eleison in the Sixteenth Star System of the Gamma Galaxy?

What would you do? You’d probably put him away. Fast.

And that’s exactly what happened. A quick trip to Bellevue, then off to a very special place – a private research sanitarium known as Excelsior.

And Excelsior was no ordinary funny farm. It contained the greatest cross-section of nuts New York had to offer. It was equipped for anything.

Almost anything, that is.

After all, visitors from the Planet Eleison didn’t drop in every day.

A paperback original first edition by Leo P Kelley. Cover by Larry Kresek.



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