Sam Space #1: Space For Hire by William F Nolan (Lancer 74778 – 1971)

Lancer 74778, 1st printing

Lancer 74778, 1st printing

Meet Sam Space…

the best private eye om this or any other Earth. Trained in seventeen forms of solar combat, he can snap the trunk of a small pine tree with a double reverse dropkick… providing his shoes are on. He broke a toe once trying it barefoot. He’s also a sucker for a pretty girl’s sob story… even if she does have three heads. After all, numbers don’t count – it’s what you do with the body beneath. And when the solar system is threatened with final destruction, the body beneath teams up with Sam on an impossible journey to the planets and across time in one of the wildest and funniest science fiction novels ever written.

A paperback original first edition by William F Nolan. Cover by Gene Szafran. The first in the Sam Space series, an SF homage to the hard boiled detectives of Chandler & Hammett.


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