Under Cover Of Night by Manning Lee Stokes (Macfadden 60-431 – 1969)

Macfadden 60-431, 1st printing

Macfadden 60-431, 1st printing

The iron Buddha stood guard over a fortune in blood-stained banknotes, hidden in a shallow grave at its feet since the outbreak of war.

Armed with only a rough map and a gut-searing greed, Bob Fitzhugh had come to Korea to find the ill-starred millions. But the Buddha guarded its secret well. Before Fitzhugh unearthed the money, a CID informer, a beautiful woman of mystery and a brave Korean patriot were to meet ugly, violent fates.

To Fitzhugh himself, the bloody cache was to prove a treasure trove of death.

By Manning Lee Stokes. Cover uncredited.


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