More Good Old Stuff by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal 12765-6 - 1985)

More Good Old Stuff by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal 12765-6 – 1985)

America’s greatest storyteller delivers fourteen more of his terrific early stories from pulp fiction magazines.

John D. MacDonald

John D. MacDonald (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An anthology of pulp stories from  ranging from 1946 to 1949. Although the editors of this volume’s predecessor, The Good Old Stuff, are acknowledged in MacDonald’s foreword, they are not officially credited for this book.

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Title: More Good Old Stuff
Editor: John D MacDonald
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal 12765-6
Cover price: 3.95
Publication date: 1985
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 0-449-12765-6


  • Deadly Damsel (as Killing All Men in Black Mask, 3/49)
  • State Police Report That… (as You’ll Never Escape in Dime Detective, 5/49)
  • Death For Sale (as My Mission Is Murder in Dime Detective, 11/47)
  • A Corpse In His Dreams (Mystery Book Magazine, Spring/1949)
  • I Accuse Myself (as The Scarred Hand in Doc Savage Magazine, 11/46)
  • A Place To Live (as Oh, Give Me A Hearse! in Dime Detective, 10/47)
  • Neighborly Interest (as Killer’s Nest in Detective Tales, 2/49)
  • The Night Is Over (as You’ve Got To Be Cold in The Shadow, 4-5/47)
  • Secret Stain (as Heritage Of Hate in Black Mask, 7/49)
  • Even Up The Odds (Detective Story Magazine, 1/48)
  • Verdict (as Three’s A Shroud in New Detective, 1/49)
  • The High Gray Walls Of Hate (as The High Walls Of Hate in Dime Detective, 2/48)
  • Unmarried Widow (as A Corpse-Maker Goes Courting in Dime Detective, 7/49)
  • You Remember Jeanie (Crack Detective, 5/49)

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