Diabolus by David St John (Crest T1725 – 1972)

Crest T1725, 1st printing

Crest T1725, 1st printing

“The full moon rising behind the dark barrier of jungle trees filtered pale light into the clearing where a girl squatted tight-lipped and frightened on the outer rim of a human circle. Shivering despite the tropic night, she hugged knees close to her chest and tried to keep from swaying with the others, to the mind-dulling beat of the long black rada drums….”

So begins this chilling new novel by the bestselling author of The Sorcerers. It is a headlong tale of witchcraft, drugs, voodoo, and murder – of one man who set himself against the forces of violent evil, and against the woman whose beauty masked a bizarre scheme that threatened the fate of a nation.

By David St John. Cover by Jeff Jones.


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