Titus Crow #2: The Transition Of Titus Crow by Bian Lumley (DAW 151 – 1975)

DAW 151, 1st printing

DAW 151, 1st printing

The Burrowers Beneath – The Terrors From Above

Although born exactly nine months after the death of HP Lovecraft, Brian Lumley denies that he is the reincarnation of Lovecraft’s horror-haunted soul.

Evidence, in the form of Lumley’s fascination with the Cthulhu mythos and in his growing acclaim as the inheritor of the literary mantle of Lovecraft hints otherwise.

Especially since Lumley is no mere imitator but an innovator of sf-styled time-space horror novels which HPL himself would have been pleased to acknowledge.

The Transition Of Titus Crow is such an epic, pitting the ingenuity and mind of a daring investigator against the rising power and enmity of the Elder Gods and the growing Chaos from Outer Space.

A paperback original first edition by Brian Lumley. 2nd in the Titus Crow series. Cover by Michael Whelan.

My first foray into Lovecraft-inspired fiction (at least I think it was… I may have read a couple of Derleth’s short stories before reading this) after reading all of HPL’s stuff. Unlike Lumley’s Necroscope, it didn’t leave me wanting more. It wasn’t bad, just not the most compelling of books and certainly not as interesting Lovecraft’s stories.


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