Sturgeon In Orbit by Theodore Sturgeon (Pyramid F-974 – 1964)

Pyramid F-974, 1st printing

Pyramid F-974, 1st printing

Sturgeon is a unique figure in the world of science-fiction and fantasy. Author of many of the best-remembered stories in the field, he has an incomparable mastery of high-keyed emotion and brilliant plotting.

Sturgeon In Orbit displays his talents at their best – from the power and ingenuity of “Extrapolation” to the fast action and adventure of “The Incubi of Parallal X,” these stories are prime examples of why Theodore Sturgeon’s name is a guarantee of top science-fiction.

A paperback original first edition anthology.

Title: Sturgeon In Orbit
Author: Theodore Sturgeon
Imprint & Number: Pyramid F-974
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1964
Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller
ISBN: none

Includes stories reprinted from various pulps:

  • Extrapolation (Fantastic, 4/54, originally titled Beware The Fury)
  • Make Room For Me (Fantastic Adventures, 5/51)
  • The Wages Of Synergy (Startling Stories, 8/53)
  • The Heart (Other Worlds Science Stories, 5/55)
  • The Incubi of Parallal X (Planet Stories, 9/51)

Valued between $4 and $45 according to Gary Lovisi’s Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide.


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