Tales Of Horror & The Supernatural: Vol 2 by Arthur Machen (Pinnacle 523-00282 – 1973

Pinnacle 523-00282, 1st printing

Pinnacle 523-00282, 1st printing

Arthur Machen: Master Of The Macabre

A new collection of blood-blanching chillers by the famed authority on evil and the occult! Arthur Machen, a longtime connoisseur of the mystical forces of the supernatural, spins his tales of horror with a bizarre, shadowy quality certain to ensnare any reader’s mind.
Machen was a relentless and educated seeker of truths in the sinister world beyond his life. His personal obsession was to delve to the very core of the malign, elemental forces that destroy modern man.

As a teller of tales, Machen was a master of techniques. His craft and precision of language evoke dark, lingering vibrations from the ancient world. And it is a frightening world where fiendish spells suffocate unsuspecting souls.

Are you strong enough for this voyage backward into fathoms of evil?

1st publication of the stories below in this format. Vol 1 & 2 previously published as a single volume.

Title: Tales Of Horror & The Supernatural: Vol 2
Author: Arthur Machen
Imprint & Number: Pinnacle 523-00282
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1973
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 0-523-00282-095

Features (links will take you to the downloadable text at Project Gutenberg):

  • The Novel Of The Black Seal (The Three Impostors, 1895)
  • The Novel Of The White Powder (The Three Impostors, 1895)
  • The Bowmen (London Evening News, 9/29/14)
  • The Happy Children (The Masterpiece Library of Short Stories, 1920)
  • The Bright Boy (The Children of the Pool and Other Stories, 1936)
  • Out Of The Earth (variant – T.P.’s Weekly, 11/27/15)
  • N (The Cosy Room, 1936)
  • Children Of The Pool (The Children of the Pool and Other Stories, 1936)
  • The Terror (The Terror: A Mystery, 1917)

A pioneer in the genre and, aside from Poe & Dunsany, probably the biggest literary influence on Lovecraft.

Arthur Machen

Arthur Machen


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