87th Precinct #s 1 & 2: Cop Hater & The Mugger by Ed McBain (Orion – 2007)

Orion, 1st printing

Orion, 1st printing

An Ed McBain Omnibus

Re-issue of the 1st & 2nd novels of the 87th Precinct series in a single volume.

Title: Cop Hater & The Mugger
Author: Ed McBain (pseudonym of Evan Hunter)
Imprint & Number: Orion
Cover price: £7.99
Publication date: 2007
Cover artist: http://www.blacksheep.uk.com
ISBN: 978-1-4072-1105-3

The 87th Precinct series defined the police procedural, influencing pretty much every  form of entertainment developed for mass consumption in that genre, from books, magazine, comics to TV & film.

Both novels have film adaptations. Cop Hater was released in 1958, starring Robert Loggia. The Mugger was also released in ’58 and starred Kent Smith.

Cap Hater & The Mugger movie psters


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