Web Of The City by Harlan Ellison (Ace 87718-4 – 1983)

Ace 87718-4, 1st printing

Ace 87718-4, 1st printing

In 1954 in New York City, Harlan Ellison gave himself a pseudonym and joined a Brooklyn street gang called the Barons. This is the story of what happened. You might think that the most important character of the novel would be Harlan Ellison, but you would be wrong. The most important character is The City.

Re-issue of Ellison’s first novel, Rumble (Pyramid, 1958), with the original title restored and with added introduction by Ellison.

Title: Web Of The City
Author: Harlan Ellison
Imprint & Number: Ace 87718-4
Cover price: $2.75
Publication date: 1983
Cover artist: Barclay Shaw
ISBN: 0-441-87718-4

This novel will be returning to print after 30 years, thanks to Hard Case Crime, with a new edition due  in April of 2013. Check out the cover and read a sample chapter, too!


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