The High Price Of Gratitude by Janice M Peters (Holloway House BH674 – 1980)

Holloway House BH674, 1st printing

Holloway House BH674, 1st printing

Janique knows the streets of New York like no other black woman!

Author Janice Peters has labeled this book a work of fiction, and it is a riveting tale of hit-men, dope dealers, and a double crossing murderer that will keep you glued to your chair until the last page is turned. But it is more than a work of fiction. Peters has been there, knows the scene intimately and spins her tightly drawn tale with the kind of detail that could only be provided by real life experience. An excellent murder mystery that involves people of the streets from both Detroit and New York, it is also the story of Janique. Black, beautiful and a pistol-packing martial arts expert, when Janique swirls into action hookers, hustlers, pimps and johns all step aside. But Janique is more than that. She is a supremely passionate and feminine woman when she is in the arms of the men in her life – and it takes more than one man to satisfy her. For the first time, see The Life through the eyes of a black woman who knows The High Price Of Gratitude.

A paperback original first edition.

Title: The High Price Of Gratitude
Author: Janice M Peters
Imprint & Number: Holloway House BH674
Cover price: 1.95
Publication date: 1980
Cover artist: Steve Harris
ISBN: 0-87067-674-1

Awesome hypodermic cover, obviously inspired by the Blaxploitation films of the ’70s.

The social unrest in Watts in 1965 spurred the owners of Holloway House to change direction. Up until then, Holloway House had been a publisher of adult entertainment, such as the “skin” mags Adam & Knight, risque “classics,” along with occasional bios of pop culture figures. HH switched gears and began offering original material by black authors focusing on the black experience, sold in black communities on a national scale. The transformation of the publisher gave way to the rise of more than a few talents in urban literature, the most influential being Iceberg Slim, the most famous being Donald Goines.


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