The Golden Man by Philip K Dick (Berkley 04288-X – 1980)

Berkley 04288-X, 1st printing

Berkley 04288-X, 1st printing

Be warned: the strange and holocaustal fiction of Philip K Dick is known to corrode the spirit, unsettle the mind and terminate the fond illusions of humankind. The fifteen stories here collected for the first time are neither wondrous nor nice. Their publication is to be considered an act of war against the way things are in the Universe.

A paperback original first edition anthology.

Title: The Golden Man
Author: Philip K Dick (Mark Hurst, ed.)
Imprint & Number: Berkley 04288-X
Cover price: 2.25
Publication date: 1980
Cover artist: Walter Velez
ISBN: 0-425-04288-X



The title story, originally published in 1954, is the basis for the 2007 Nicholas Cage/Jessica Biel stinker Next.

The King Of The Elves is in film development by Walt Disney.


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