Swordsmen In The Sky, ed. Donald A Wollheim (Ace F-311 – 1964)

Ace F-311, 1st printing

Ace F-311, 1st printing

Great Stories of interplanetary adventure

The millions of readers who have discovered in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs the fascination of sword-and-wonder adventures on distant planets among exotic peoples have called forth an insistent demand for more! It is to meet this demand that this new anthology, Swordsmen In The Sky, was created.

Here are a selected group of terrific novelettes by the expert writers of interplanetary derring-do. Here are adventure, peril, and marvel mixed by the master hands of
Poul Anderson  Edmond Hamilton
Leigh Brackett  Andre Norton
Otis Adelbert Kline

Definitely as bold a band of galactic adventurers as you would want to accompany on the conquest of half a dozen worlds!

A paperback original first edition. Interior illustrations by Jack Gaughan.


English: Portrait photograph of Donald Allen W...

Donald Allen Wollheim. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Title: Swordsmen In The Sky
Editor: Donald A Wollheim
Imprint & Number: Ace F-311
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1964
Cover artist: Frank Frazetta
ISBN: none


  • Poul Anderson – Swordsman of Lost Terra (Planet Stories, 11/51)
  • Edmond Hamilton – Kaldar, World of Antares (The Magic Carpet Magazine, 4/33)
  • Leight Brackett – The Moon that Vanished (Thrilling Wonder Stories, 10/48)
  • Andre Norton – The People of the Crater (Fantasy Book, 7/47)
  • Otis Adelbert Kline – A Vision of Venus (Amazing Stories, 12/33)

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