Snow White And The Giants by JT McIntosh (Avon S347 – 1968)

Avon S347, 1st printing

Avon S347, 1st printing

She Was The Fairest In The Land

No matter where she came from – or when! Val called her Snow White because of her glowing pale skin and her blue-black hair. But her friends frightened him. They were too perfect to be quite human. They were too calm, too detached.

When he discovered their powers, and the uses to which they meant to put them, Val knew the most awful of his fears had been more than justified!

A paperback original first edition. Originally serialized in if magazine, 10/66-1/67, as Time For A Change.

Title: Snow White And The Giants
Author: JT McIntosh (pseudonym of James Murdoch MacGregor)
Imprint & Number: Avon S347
Cover price: 60¢
Publication date: 1968
Cover artist: Carl Cassler
ISBN: none


5 thoughts on “Snow White And The Giants by JT McIntosh (Avon S347 – 1968)

    • If there was, the book hasn’t been credited as source. From the reviews I’ve read, it’s a fairly disappointing story, not that quality has ever prevented Hollywood from using less-than-top-notch source material. I bought it for the rather unusual cover and have yet to delve into it so I can’t give my honest opinion just yet.

    • Shame, as the commenter on this review says “I know exactly how you feel when you see a real cool cover and the book turns out to be such a turd!” Reminds me of the holographic covers of VHS cassettes used to flog straight-to-video horror film failures of the 80s. Still, if it got people reading/watching then clever…

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