Kung Fu #3: Superstition by Howard Lee (Paperback Library 76-466 – 1973)

Paperback Library 76-466, 1st printing

Paperback Library 76-466, 1st printing

Listened for – they cannot be heard
Looked for – they cannot be seen
Felt for – they cannot be touched
The Masters of the Elite Science of Kung Fu

Caine is such a master! Half-American, half-Chinese, he has been trained by Shaolin monks – taught the striking techniques of tiger, eagle, snake, mythical dragon, white crane and praying mantis. He possesses Chi, the inner strength.

Caine, found guilty of a crime he did not commit, is forced to work with other prisoners mining silver. Those who mine here, legend says, are doomed to die for disturbing the Indian burial ground upon which it is located. Caine must summon all his powers to overcome the fear that superstition breeds and the evil that men plan.

A paperback original first edition TV tie-in. Cover photo featuring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine.

Title: Superstition
Author: Ron Goulart (using the house name of Howard Lee)
Imprint & Number: Paperback Library 76-466
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 1973
Cover artist: Jim Sharpe & photo
ISBN: 0-446-76466-3

If you’re a fan, here’s an episode guide with links to other Kung Fu stuff.

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