A Guide To Middle Earth by Robert Foster (Ballantine 24138 – 1974)

Ballantine 24138, 1st printing

Ballantine 24138, 1st printing

Middle Earth
The fantastically complex world of JRR Tolkien erected in his epic trilogy The Lord Of The Rings.

Who was Gerontius Took? Sancho Proudfoot?
What was the Calender of Imladris?
When was the Sunless Year? The Third Age?
Where was Mirkwood? Fangorn Forest?

All the people, places and events – from Adaldida Brandybuck to Zirak-Zigil – in Tolkien’s classic masterpiece are identified and described in detail.

1st mass market paperback edition.

Title: A Guide To Middle Earth
Author: Robert Foster
Imprint & Number: Ballantine 24138
Cover price: 1.50
Publication date: 1974
Cover artist: Tim Kirk
ISBN: 0-345-24138-X


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