Barrier Island by John D MacDonald

Barrier Island by John D MacDonald

There’s Nothing Money Can’t Buy On The Mississippi Coast

There are two kinds on men in Mississippi. They make natural enemies. And sometimes, but only if the balance between strength and weakness tips too far, unnatural allies.

Tucker Loomis is a hard and dangerous man with a ruthlessness all West bay fears and respects, and an improbable amount of money. Wade Rowley is a common man who aspires to honor but gets caught up in the footwork of a skilled swindler.

In a pitiless game, with a few harsh rules and just one way of keeping score, the wrong man will die. And another will get away with more than murder.

John D MacDonald‘s final novel, a story of murder and land graft in Mississippi. First edition above (Knopf, 1986).

Gold Medal 13179-3, 1st printing

Gold Medal 13179-3, 1st printing

Title: Barrier Island
Author: John D MacDonald
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal 13179-3
Cover price: 4.50
Publication date: 1987
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: 0-449-13179-3

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