Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine #310 (9/69)

EQMM #310

EQMM #310

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v54 #3 (whole # 310)

12 Stories – 10 new…

Purchased because of the inclusion of the reprinted James Bond story, Property Of A Lady, by Ian Fleming. The other reprinted story is Double Image by Roy Vickers.

New stories:

  • Tiger On The Premises by Anthony Gilbert
  • Father Crumlish’s Long Hot Summer by Alice Scanlan Reach
  • Can You Find The Ace by Julian Symons
  • The Theft Of The Wicked Tickets by Ed Hoch
  • Odds Bodkins And The Dutch Master by Richard Curtis
  • The Ones Left Behind by Joan Richter
  • Not Lost Anymore by Florence V Mayberry
  • That Day On The Knob by William Brittain
  • Motive by Lawrence Treat
  • Give A Man Rope by Roy Lester Pond

Plus book reviews by John Dickson Carr

If there were ever a suitable name for a mystery writer, it’s Roy Lester Pond. It seems he has forsaken the genre that his name seems so suitable for and, although still writing, now concentrates on archeological thrillers. The story included in this issue is his first sold work.


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