Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v49 #4 (4/67)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 4/67

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 4/67

My collection is awfully small. I thrive on the thrill I get when I find something unexpected and, as much as I’d like to blow all my hard-earned cash on internet purchases, I just don’t get that same thrill unless I find something while physically digging through boxes of someone else’s junk. This issue generated enough of a thrill that I no longer ignore the boring text-only covers of the digest-sized mystery mags from the ’60s.

The original Robert Bloch vampire story The Living Dead is cool enough. The inclusion of Cornell Woolrich‘s The Talking Eyes would prevent me from filing this in a box with other, less interesting issues, even if it’s a reprint from 1939. However, it’s an original tale by Jim Thompson called Exactly What Happened that prevents me from ignoring unassuming detective mags like EQMM & AHMM when I’m treasure hunting. This sat in a box with a batch of other EQMMs before I cracked it open and discovered the Thompson story. At that point, I hadn’t done my homework and wasn’t aware of any of Thompson’s short stories.

Aside from book reviews by Anthony Boucher, this issue also features

  • Lawrence TreatP As In Payoff
  • Dorothy L Sayers The Queen’s Square, a Lord Peter Whimsey story from 1933
  • Edward D Hoch – The Spy Who Came Out Of The Night
  • Julian Symons‘ first US publication of The Crimson Coach Murders, previously titled The Summer Holiday Murders (1960)
  • Jacqueline Cutlip’s The Trouble Of Murder
  • Rhoda Lys Storey’s Sir Ordeway Views The Body
  • HR Wakefield‘s The Voice In The Inner Ear, from 1946, previously titled I Recognised The Voice
  • LJ Beeston’s Melodramatic Interlude
  • Christopher Anvil‘s Problem Solver And The Burned Letter
  • Lenore Glen Offord’s verse Memoirs Of A Mystery Critic,  from Mystery Writers Annual (1966)

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