Somebody’s Done For by David Goodis (Banner B60-111 – 1967)

Banner B60-111, 1st printing

Banner B60-111, 1st printing

She was a raving beauty – and Jander’s last desperate hope on a beach of violence…

“I tell you, he’s just a fool,” the girl argued. “He can’t do us any harm.”

“He’s got a mouth, ain’t he?”

That’s how it started for Calvin Jander – his lings bursting, two blurred faces peering down at him on the floor of a lonely New Jersey beach shack.

Just don’t panic, Jander told himself – you cramped up swimming and they rescued you, didn’t they? They’ll talk it out, see you don’t give a damn who they are or what they did. Because you really don’t.

Then the door opened and the leader of the gang walked in. “What’ve you got here, a drowning rat? For chrissakes, finish him off…”

Paperback original first edition of Goodis‘ final novel. Cover uncredited.

I had no idea who Goodis was when I bought this years ago but, after reading it, decided it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look for more.


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