Attar The Merman #2: War Of Nerves by Robert Graham (Pocket 77989 – 1975)

A superhuman avenger battles evil forces bent on the destruction of the sea!

Nerves of steel vs. nerve gas

The villain Rasputin was blackmailing the U.S. Government, threatening to detonate forty drums of deadly nerve gas in the Caribbean. If he succeeded, it would mean the total destruction of every living thing in the area.

Attar felt powerless to stop him, for Rasputin wore a deadman switch – if his heart stopped beating, the bomb would go off!

A paperback original first edition. Second & final book in the Attar The Merman series with bondage cover.

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Title: War Of Nerves
Author: Joe Haldeman, writing as Robert Graham
Imprint & Number: Pocket 77989
Cover price: 95¢
Publication date: 1975
Cover artist: David Plourde
ISBN: 671-77989-3-095

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