Travis McGee #12: The Long Lavender Look by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal M2325 – 1970)

Gold Medal M2325

Gold Medal M2325

It began the way all McGee‘s adventures began. From left field. Only this time it was right in front of his car.

This lovely young thing, wearing little more than a frightened look, streaked out of darkness into his headlights. McGee hit the brakes, missed the nymphet’s tawny haunch by one micro-second, and landed upside down in ten feet of swamp water.

Two minutes later, with McGee upright and limping along the deserted Florida road, someone zoomed by in an old truck and took a couple of shots at him. Well, this was not McGee’s idea of Southern hospitality. So he went to the local sheriff to complain – and found himself arrested for murder.

10/70 printing of Gold Medal M2325. 12th Travis McGee novel by MacDonald. Unattributed cover by Robert McGinnis.


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