Night Of The Jabberwock by Fredric Brown (Quill – 1984)

In the small town of Carmel City, it’s just another Thursday night for longstanding editor and Lewis Carroll aficionado Doc Stoeger as he puts his weekly newspaper to bed. Of course there isn’t any real news in the Carmel City Clarion, but then there never is, and Doc wishes that for once something would happen on a Thursday evening to give him a hot story to break. Before the night is through, Doc’s wishes come true and he gets tangled up in a bizarre series of events that would make for sensational reading the next morning. But will he survive to put it into print?

First published in 1950, Night Of The Jabberwock is one of the most brilliant and bizarre murder mysteries ever – with a denouement so ingenious it will leave you gasping.

Title: Night Of The Jabberwock
Author: Fredric Brown
Imprint & Number: Quill
Cover price: 3.95
Publication date: 1984
Cover artist: Irving Freeman/Steve Macanga
ISBN: 0-668-03150-1


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