Alfred Hitchcock’s Games Killers Play (Dell 2790 – 1968)

Dell 2790, 1st printing

Dell 2790, 1st printing

Murder is nasty. Nice people don’t do it. Of course not. That’s why the world’s so safe. That’s why we all live to a ripe old age. So smile. Laugh. Above all, don;t get nervous. Because that master of murderous mayhem, Alfred Hitchcock, is about to introduce you to as convincing a crew of keen killers and mangled victims as you’d never care to meet.

Paperback original first edition.

Title: Games Killers Play
Author: Alfred Hitchcock (ed. & intro)
Imprint & Number: Dell 2790
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1968
Cover artist: Fred Banbery
ISBN: none


  • August DerlethThe China Cottage
  • Hal Ellson – Room To Let
  • Jack Ritchie – Captive Audience
  • Richard Hardwick – Wish You Were Here
  • Nedra Tyre – Killed By Kindness
  • Henry Slesar – Murder Delayed
  • Donald E Westlake – The Feel Of A Trigger
  • Michael Brett – Willie Betts, Banker
  • Robert Edmond Alter – Double Trouble
  • Talmage Powell – Heist In Pianissimo
  • Duane Decker – Weighty Problem
  • James Holding – You Can’t Be Too Careful
  • Jonathan Craig – Bus To Chattanooga
  • Helen Nielsen – Pattern Of Guilt

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