Murder Can Be Fun by Fredric Brown (Carroll & Graf – 1989)

“Murder,” thought Bill Tracy, “can be fun.” And he wrote a series of radio mystery scripts to prove it. He had kept those scripts a secret, the better to “put them over,” till the darling Santa Claus Murder carried out – to the letter – the first of them. As more and more of his plots come to gruesome life, Tracy had to think fast and act faster to stay alive and out of jail.

Originally published as the short story The Santa Claus Murders and expanded resulting in this novel, also titled Plot For Murder. Not Brown’s greatest literary achievement but it’s Brown and that’s enough for me. The title itself is enough to scare up enough of an image that I can let the mediocre (by Fredric Brown standards) story slide.

Title: Murder Can Be Fun
Author: Fredric Brown
Imprint & Number: Carroll & Graf
Publication date: 1989
Price: 3.95
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: 0-88184-504-3


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