Matt Helm #2: The Wrecking Crew by Donald Hamilton (Gold Medal K1335 – 1963)

Gold Medal K1335, 1st printing

Helm has been sent halfway around the world to find and destroy the mythically elusive agent they call Caselius. His only lead to him is a woman, who might or might not be a double agent. Before Helm finally faces Caselius up in the bleak north woods of the Swedish ore country, two women will die, two more souls will be charged up to Matt Helm’s account, in heaven or in hell.

#2 in the Matt Helm. 2nd Gold Medal edition.

Title: The Wrecking Crew
Author: Donald Hamilton
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal K1335
Cover price: 40¢
Publication date: 1963
Cover artist: John McDermott
ISBN: none

Loosely adapted as the 1968 film starring Dean Martin as Matt Helm.

The Wrecking Crew

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