A Hell Of A Woman by Jim Thompson (Black Lizard – 1984)

Black Lizard, 1st printing

Love now, pay later – she lured him into the world’s oldest trap!

Young, beautiful, and fearfully abused, Mona was the kind of girl even a hard man like Dillon couldn’t bring himself to use. But when Mona told him about the vicious aunt who had turned her into something little better than a prostitute – and about the money the old lady has stashed away – Dillon found it surprisingly easy to kill for her.

Title: A Hell Of A Woman
Author: Jim Thompson
Imprint & Number: Black Lizard
Cover price: 3.95
Publication date: 1984
Cover artist: Nancy MacGregor
ISBN: 0-916870-77-4

A “traveling salesman” story with all the raunch and none of the humor. Introduction by Barry Gifford. Originally published by Lion Books, a paperback original, in 1954.

We’ve been given several American film adaptations of Thompson’s novels, met with varying degrees of success, but my favorites are the French flicks. This novel was adapted as Série noire in 1979. It is my hands-down favorite Thompson adaptation. It captures the mood of the book perfectly.

Série noire movie poster

Série noire movie poster


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