Startling Stories Vol 21 #2 (May, 1950)

Startling Stories Vol 21 #2, May, 1950

Includes the first publication of John D MacDonald‘s Wine Of The Dreamers, published in hardcover the next year and in paperback in 1953. The novel has also been published as Planet Of The Dreamers. Frederic Arnold Kummer Jr’s Signboard of Space is reprinted from Thrilling Wonder Stories (12/39). Includes Edmond Hamilton‘s 22nd Captain Future story, Children Of The Sun. Also includes The Black Ewe by Fritz Leiber Jr, Summer Wear by L Sprague de Camp, and The Historian by Carl Jacobi.

Interestingly, the letters column includes correspondence from readers that would go on to make names for themselves in the SF literary community: Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lin Carter, and Robert Silverberg.

Cover by Earle Bergey, reflecting MacDonald’s story.

Being a big JD MacDonald fan, I couldn’t pass this up. It’s complete, intact, predates his first published book by 5 months and was only $10.


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