Shadow Kingdoms: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard Volume One (Cosmos – 2007)

Cosmos, 1st printing

First of the Cosmos 5-volume The Weird Works of Robert E Howard set, featuring short stories & poetry, primarily from Weird Tales.

Title: Shadow Kingdoms
Author: Robert E Howard
Imprint & Number: Cosmos
Cover price: 6.99
Publication date: 2007
Cover artist: Ken Kelly
ISBN: 0-8439-5905-3

The original Wildside Press series contains 10 volumes. The Cosmos series is based on the Wildside Press publications, with certain material removed due to copyright issues. Includes:

  • The Lost Race (Weird Tales, 1/27 – mentions but does not feature Bran Mak Morn)
  • The Song Of The Bats (Weird Tales, 5/27)
  • The Ride Of Falume (Weird Tales, 10/27)
  • The Riders Of Babylon (Weird Tales, 1/28)
  • The Dream Snake (Weird Tales, 2/28)
  • The Hyena (Weird Tales, 3/28)
  • The Gates Of Nineveh (Weird Tales, 7/28)
  • Red Shadows (Weird Tales, 7/28 – first Solomon Kane story)
  • The Harp Of Alfred (Weird Tales, 9/28)
  • Easter Island (Weird Tales, 12/28)
  • Skulls In The Stars (Weird Tales, 1/29 – features Solomon Kane)
  • Crete (Weird Tales, 2/29)
  • Moon Mockery (Weird Tales, 4/29)
  • Rattle Of Bones (Weird Tales, 6/29)
  • Forbidden Magic (Weird Tales, 7/29)
  • The Shadow Kingdom (Weird Tales, 8/29 – first Kull story)
  • The Mirrors Of Tuzun Thune (Weird Tales, 9/29 – second Kull story)
  • The Moor Ghost (Weird Tales, 9/29)
  • Red Thunder (JAPM: The Poetry Weekly, 9/16/29)
  • Skull-Face (serialized in Weird Tales, 10/29-12/29 – features a Steve Costigan which is not Howard’s recurring character Sailor Steve Costigan)
  • Dead Man’s Hate (Weird Tales, 1/30)
  • The Fearsome Touch Of Death (Weird Tales, 2/30)
  • The Voice Of El-Lil (Oriental Stories, 10-11/30)

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