Ladies Of Chance by Anthony Scott (Novel Library 27 – 1949)

Seductive Women and Dangerous Wiles

When handsome, hard-boiled Ed Barlow, a Florida reporter, got the tip-off on an insidious gang of criminals that preyed on a certain kind of woman, he knew he was in for a gun-barrel full of excitement – and he liked it.

Against a background of high-society debutantes and cafe society playgirls, Ed played his dangerous game until he had a certain gorgeous woman where he wanted her – and learned she was playing a seductive game of her own, with the underworld for her boss and himself for her victim!

A Girl With A Bag Of Surprises

What happened when Ed fell hard for beautiful Cherry Malone, a hard-to-get gang-girl who kept her bag of surprises hidden until the chips were down, makes Ladies Of Chance a fast paced story of syndicate sin and sudden death. From luxurious gambling dens to the exotic island hideaway of the underworld’s Mystery Woman, this novel moves with a series of dramatic explosions to a final surprise that will leave you breathless!

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Title: Ladies Of Chance
Author: Davis Dresser (AKA Brett Halliday) writing as Anthony Scott
Imprint & Number: Novel Library 27
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1949
Cover artist: uncredited
ISBN: none


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