Homicide Sanitarium by Fredric Brown

Homicide Sanitarium by Fredric Brown (1985)

First paperback edition of the 7-story mystery collection. Introduction by Bill Pronzini. Cover by William L McMillan.

This is the first in the 19-book Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps series, published by Dennis McMillan Publications.

Title: Homicide Sanitarium
Author: Fredric Brown
Imprint & Number: Dennis McMillan Publications
Cover price: 5.95
Publication date: 1985
Cover artist: William L McMillan
ISBN: 0-9609986-2-4


  • Red-Hot And Hunted (Detective Tales, 11/48)
  • The Spherical Ghoul (Thrilling Mystery, 1/43)
  • Homicide Sanitarium (Thrilling Detective, 5/41)
  • The Moon For A Nickel (Detective Story Magazine, 3/38)
  • Suite For Flute And Tommy-gun (Detective Story Magazine, 6/42)
  • The Cat From Siam (Popular Detective, 9/49)
  • Listen To The Mockingbird (G-Man Detective, 11/41)

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