Dark Passage by David Goodis (Zebra – 1988)

Zebra, 1st printing

The novel that became the sensational film classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall!

It was tough luck that a decent guy like Vincent Parry had to spend the rest of his life locked up in San Quentin for murdering his wife… especially since he was innocent. But after a daring prison break and a near-perfect face change operation, the former securities clerk was all set for permanent retirement in faraway Peru. Then, all of a sudden, there were new obstacles standing in the way of his South American dream – obstacles like the beautiful blond stranger who was harboring him for no apparent reason, and who seemed to know more about his past than Parry knew himself. And the little guy in the Studebaker who lurked around every corner. And all the dead bodies that kept popping up wherever Parry went…

Zebra’s Movie Mystery Greats edition.

Title: Dark Passage
Author: David Goodis
Imprint & Number: Zebra
Cover price: 3.50
Publication date: 1988
Cover artist: Marvin Mattelson
ISBN: 0-8217-2417-7

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