A Moment To Prey by Harry Whittington

A Moment To Prey by Harry Whittington (Black Lizard – 1988)

Lily knew what she wanted, and that was a a man who would take her away from the dirt road and one-room country shack she called home. Lily was different than the other swamp folks, different and smarter. She was looking not only to get out but for something, and it was clear that she’d do anything to get whatever that might be, including commit murder. It was impossible to avoid her, her sleepy eyes that made it seem that she’d just crawled out of a warm bed, her full lips and lush body. An insurance investigator is sent by his company from St. Louis to find out the truth about a hundred thousand dollar scam; he discovers the truth, all right, but Lily makes him concentrate on something altogether different.

Originally published by Gold Medal in 1959 as Backwoods Tramp.

Title: A Moment To Prey
Author: Harry Whittington
Imprint & Number: Black Lizard
Cover price: 4.95
Publication date: 1988
Cover artist: Jim Kirwan
ISBN: 0-88739-037-4

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