Cthulhu-The Mythos And Kindred Horrors by Robert E Howard (Baen, 1992)

The true gods of Earth existed long before our ancestors crawled mindless upon the shore: Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep… insatiate, tenebrous monsters, whose ultimate throne is Chaos.

Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that name be found… and those who decipher it are left pale and numb, aware that in the very act of decipherment they have become both pawn and prey of an ultra-worldly power that renders human existence both tenuous and trite.

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall remain… long after they have devoured us.

An anthology of poetry & short stories from Weird Tales and other sources, edited by David Drake.

Title: Cthulhu – The Mythos And Kindred Horrors
Author: Robert E Howard
Imprint & Number: Baen 65641-4
Cover price: 4.99
Publication date: 1992
Cover artist: Steve Hickman
ISBN: 0-671-65641-4


  • Arkham (Weird Tales, 8/32 – Cthulhu mythos; full text here)
  • The Black Stone (Weird Tales, 11/31 – Cthulhu mythos; full text here)
  • The Fire of Asshurbanipal (Weird Tales, 12/36 – Cthulhu mythos; full text here)
  • The Thing on the Roof (Weird Tales, 2/32 – Cthulhu mythos; full text here)
  • Dig Me No Grave (Weird Tales, 2/37 – Cthulhu mythos)
  • Silence Falls on Mecca’s Walls
  • The Valley of the Worm (Weird Tales, 2/34 – first James Allison story; full text here)
  • The Shadow of the Beast (The Shadow of the Beast, 1977)
  • Old Garfield’s Heart (Weird Tales, 12/33)
  • People of the Dark (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, 6/32)
  • Worms of the Earth (Weird Tales, 11/32 – Cthulhu mythos; features Bran Mak Morn)
  • Pigeons from Hell (Weird Tales, 5/38)
  • An Open Window (Weird Tales, 9/32)

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