The Winds Of Fear by Hodding Carter (Popular Library 300 – 1950)

The Winds Of Fear by Hodding Carter

The Winds Of Fear by Hodding Carter

He kicked open the door. Bee screamed and sat up in bed. Cancy let his eyes roam over her gleaming mulatto skin and she quickly covered herself. She didn’t like the ugly look in his eyes. Cancy Dodd was a backwoods farmer just appointed marshal of Carvell City, a Southern town seething with racial unrest. Cancy had two qualifications for the job – a vicious temper and a fierce hatred of Negroes. Armed with his new power, Cancy took up with Julie, a scheming honkeytonk girl, and started selling bootleg liquor to Negroes. Decent people protested and the Salute ran a scathing editorial. In a fury of revenge Cancy launched a reign of terror against Negroes and liberal whites that was to lead to a holocaust of violence and tragedy.

The first book by Hodding Carter, author & journalist renowned for his stance against intolerance.



Hodding Carter

Hodding Carter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Title: The Winds Of Fear
Author: Hodding Carter
Imprint & Number: Popular Library 300
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1950
Cover artist: Rudolph Belarski
ISBN: none


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