Men At War, ed. Ernest Hemingway (Avon G1006 – 1952)

Men At War, ed. Ernest Hemingway

Men At War, ed. Ernest Hemingway

In assembling this collection of the greatest war stories of all time, Ernest Hemingway has given us a rare glimpse into history. Presented here are incidents of battle which do not extol wars, but rather the men whose blood and heroism determine their outcome.

We stand with the valiant Greeks at Thermopylae, hurl ourselves forward with the French lancers at Austerlitz, bleed with the heroes of the Alamo, and shout our determination at the flame-filled skies over Pearl Harbor. We are side-by-side with men of all nations, as their gallantry burns into history’s pages!

Why pink was chosen as a primary color for the cover of a Hemingway book, much less a Hemingway book concerning war, is strange to say the least. This anthology’s focus is on the men rather than the wars in which they fought.


Ernest Hemingway's 1923 passport photo

Ernest Hemingway – 1923 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Title: Men At War
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Imprint & Number: Avon G1006
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1952
Cover artist: photo
ISBN: none

Contributors include:

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