Lesbian Love by Marlene Longman (Nightstand 1523 – 1960)

Lesbian Love by Marlene Longman

Lesbian Love by Marlene Longman

Men wanted her – but she wanted women!

Unnatural Sex…

was the education she had received from her high school English teacher, the depraved Paula. And she had used her education well, enjoying the beautiful instructor, until the night she saw her female lover naked in the embrace of Steve Griffith. And when Griffith, mad with lust, found his opportunity to take the virgin seventeen-year-old, he raped her without mercy. That started the days and nights of nightmare for Pam. Into her life came Edna, the lesbian nurse, who saw in the young girl the first full passion of her twisted life. And when Pam gave in, it was the first chapter of a tormented saga raging through –

…The Gutters Of Lust!

A paperback original first edition by Marlene Longman, a pseudonym used by two famous SF authors. Marion Zimmer Bradley is generally recognized as the author of this novel, although she never confessed to using this pen name or to writing this book. The other, Nightstand #1514, Sin Girls, was written by Robert Silverberg.

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Title: Lesbian Love
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley (assumed) writing as Marlene Longman
Imprint & Number: Nightstand 1523
Cover price: 50¢
Publication date: 1960
Cover artist: WH McCauley
ISBN: none


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