The War Against The Rull by AE Van Vogt (Permabook M-4263 – 1962)

The War Against The Rull by AE Van Vogt

The War Against The Rull by AE Van Vogt


Now man has conquered all of space and seemingly he is at peace with everyone in it. That is, everything except the Rull.

Who and what are the Rulls? They are a race so alien and paranoid that they must have originated in another galaxy. In their true form they resemble some sort of dark, large worm with a variety of appendages. But you almost never see a Rull as he really is.

The Rull, you see, can change its outward appearance at will, so that even your closest friend or most trusted colleague may suddenly turn out to be a spy in disguise.

A fix-up comprised of stories originally appearing in Astounding Science Fiction.

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Title: The War Against The Rull
Author: AE Van Vogt
Imprint & Number: Permabook M-4263
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1962
Cover artist: Richard Powers
ISBN: none

Along with new, linking material, includes:

  • Co-Operate – Or Else! (Astounding Science-Fiction, 4/42)
  • Repetition (originally titled “The Gryb”, Astounding Science-Fiction, 4/40)
  • The Second Solution (Astounding Science-Fiction, 10/42)
  • The Green Forest (Astounding Science Fiction, 6/49)
  • The Sound (Astounding Science Fiction, 2/50)
  • The Rull (Astounding Science Fiction, 5/48)

Skrull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of those books that seems to turn up pretty much everywhere I go… It’s pretty obvious that Marvel Comics’ shape-shifting aliens, the Skrulls, were based on Van Vogt’s Rull race. The Skrulls have been one of Marvel’s most prominent of many alien species introduced over the course of its universe’s history.


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