Orbit Unlimited by Poul Anderson (Pyramid G615 – 1961)

Orbit Unlimited by Poul Anderson

Orbit Unlimited by Poul Anderson

Earth had no room for them – their only escape was the most dangerous voyage of all time

The colonist’s ships sped toward the far star – they were free at last from the tyrannical government that had oppressed them from birth.

Then came the message from Earth – “Return at once-new government-guarantee your freedom-at home!”

Was this a reprieve from death – for the perilous ordeal of colonizing an unknown planet would cost many lives – or a trick?

There were only hours to decide – for it was almost too late to turn back…

In ORBIT UNLIMITED, Poul Anderson writes a stirring and fascinating adventure of tomorrow.

A paperback original first edition. From the copyright page, “Portions of this book appeared, in somewhat different form, in ”Astounding Science Fiction” for January 1959 and January 1960, and in ”Fantastic Universe” for October 1959.” According to ISFDB.com, “The rewritten stories are: Robin Hood’s Barn, The Burning Bridge, and And Yet So Far. A new story, The Mill of the Gods, was included with this novel.” A History of Rustum fix-up novel.

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Title: Orbit Unlimited
Author: Poul Anderson
Imprint & Number: Pyramid G615
Cover price: 35¢
Publication date: 1961
Cover artist: John Schoenherr
ISBN: none

Sources are:

  • Robin Hood’s Barn (Astounding Science Fiction, 1/59)
  • The Burning Bridge (Astounding Science Fiction, 1/60)
  • And Yet So Far (Fantastic Universe, 10/59)
  • The Mill of the Gods (first publication)

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