Deadlock by Ruth Fenisong (Dell 808 – 1954)

Deadlock by Ruth Fenisong

Deadlock by Ruth Fenisong

He didn’t want his killer caught!

“New York’s Lt. Gridley Nelson again puzzled in his postmortem on Glen Williams, a patron who never paid off, a dilettante, and a drug addict, and his tyranny over some pleasant people whom he victimized even in death. But a second murder and an imperfect frame exposes some vicious, gracious gestures and exonerates a personable cast of characters. Cumulatively mystifying- and satisfying too.” – Kirkus Review

The 7th Gridley Nelson mystery. Never heard of him? Me either. And to think there were 13 books featuring the character, published from 1942 to 1962.

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Title: Deadlock
Author: Ruth Fenisong
Imprint & Number: Dell 808
Cover price: 25¢
Publication date: 1954
Cover artist: John McDermott
ISBN: none

This book is like a bad penny. One turns up at every single book store I enter. I kid you not.


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